Full Birth Certificate (Atto Integrale di Nascita)

To claim Italian citizenship by descent, the extract of birth with paternity and maternity is usually requested by Italian Authorities.

If the applicant needs to find out or show other information in addition to the date and place of birth and the name of the parents of the ancestor, then it is possible to request a full copy of the birth certificate: the full birth certificate. This is the photocopy, certified by the Italian Commune, of the original deed, entered in the relevant Civil Status Register and then declared compliant by the Registrar.

The full birth certificate contains all the data relating to a person’s birth: the place, year, month, day, and time of birth as well as data regarding the citizenship, work, and residence of the child’s parents and includes also all the annotations that have been reported to the municipality and therefore recorded on the deed relating, for example a marriage, a change of surname and/or name, adoption, death, etc…

ItalianPapers can request the full birth certificate of your ancestors on your behalf.

Avv. Paola Caputi