Italian citizenship application and Italian certificates procurement

ItalianPapers is a team of lawyers expert in Italian citizenship application and Italian certificates procurement. We can assist you in the whole process for the acquisition of Italian citizenship, until the adjudication, or we can simply assist you to obtain most of the Italian certificates.

Handling the Italian bureaucracy and interacting with the Italian Relevant Authorities can be really complicated for those who do not have the necessary expertise: ItalianPapers can help you to claim the Italian citizenship, abroad or in Italy.

The founder and CEO Avv. Paola Caputi is a lawyer with a ten-year experience in immigration and citizenship law, and she has successfully assisted many customers to obtain Italian citizenship. ItalianPapers can professionally support you in every matter you need to perform all the necessary steps in the citizenship acquisition process.

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Italian citizenship is recognized by right when it is based on jus sanguinis principle (blood line) for which the son of an Italian citizen is Italian, then anyone with an Italian ancestor can claim Italian citizenship.
Italian citizenship can be recognized also through marriage to Italian citizen or through naturalization, but in these cases only after specific request and with the meet of mandatory requirements.

Before 1992, Italian citizens naturalized as citizens of a foreign country automatically lost Italian citizenship: after 1992, with the entry into force of the law n.91 of August 16th, 1992, which abrogated the previous law n.555 of 1912, Italy allows to have dual citizenship and even multiple passports.

Getting an Italian passport allows staying in Europe without time limits and without having to apply for a visa.
If you do not reside in Italy for more than six months and if you do not earn money in Italy, you will not be required to pay taxes to the Italian government.
Also, you are not obliged to do military service, as nowadays in Italy it is only on a voluntary basis.

In every case, after the assessment on eligibility, it is necessary to find the documents that demonstrate the rights to claim Italian citizenship. Although there are official lists of documents, they actually change according to the Italian Authority involved on the territory. ItalianPapers has a great experience and can act as an intermediary with these Authorities, can provide you with the exact list of documents and their correct format, can obtain the necessary Italian certificates, can advise you in requesting certificates abroad and can elaborate an effective strategy to resolve discrepancies and issues. Our primary goal is to avoid and in case solve any possible issue in your citizenship application request!

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Do you want an evaluation that you are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship?

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