Jus Culturae a new grant of Italian citizenship

Jus Culturae – A new grant of Italian citizenship

The political changes in Italy have reopened the way for the introduction in Italy of the granting of Italian citizenship through Jus Culturae.

This new type of citizenship would be granted to a child born (or moved) in Italy from foreign parents (who have been registered as residents to the Italian municipality for a certain number of years), who have completed their schooling in Italy.

Currently the Dossier submitted to the Italian Senate, for the purposes of drafting the specific Law of Jus Culturae, provides that the foreign minor who was born in Italy or moved to Italy within the age of twelve and who has regularly attended the school in Italy for at least five years may benefit of the granting of Italian citizenship.
The request for citizenship can be submitted by the parent at the Italian Municipality of registered residence of the minor, before the child’s eighteen years, or by the minor himself within the age of twenty.

However, in order to have final rules, it is necessary to wait for the definitive Law.

The good news is that the legislative path is moving quickly: in fact, from October 3rd, 2019 the examination of the Law is in progress at the Italian Parliament.

Avv. Paola Caputi