Translating foreign documents for Italian citizenship application

Translating foreign documents for Italian citizenship application

The documents issued by non-Italian authorities to be submitted for the application process for the request of Italian citizenship must be always translated in the Italian language.

As a general rule for applications in Italy (City hall, Court), the translations in Italian must be made for all non-Italian documents issued abroad (vital records, divorce, documents relating to naturalization, and so on).
For applications in Italian consulate abroad, the list of documents to be translated depends on which one they apply.

The documents should be translated by certified professional translators.

The applicant should check if there are translators accredited/certified at the Italian Consulate in whose area the documents are issued.
If the translation is performed in Italy, the translator should be registered at an Italian Court as CTU (Office Technical Consultant).

The translation can be authenticated by the Italian Consular Authorities of the country in which the certificate was issued by mean a sticker or a stamp that certifies the conformity of the translation.

Otherwise, the translations of all certificate/documents issued abroad can be sworn to an Italian Court. This procedure is called ‘asseverazione‘.
The advantages of the asseverazione are that all certificates can be sworn at a single Italian Court, regardless of the foreign country of issue; furthermore, the Consular authentication of translations is no longer necessary.

Avv. Paola Caputi